…And Not All Students Have the Same Story.

Which is why we created a different school, one where instructors and learners interact as peers…in fact, the kind of school we would want to be taught in. We recognize that food values are changing. Shouldn’t your education reflect this change? At Northwest, learners are key ingredients in our MISSION STATEMENT.


That means the best student-teacher ratio, anywhere!

Many schools boast of their impressive student-teacher ratios but we decided to do better…much better. We offer an 8:1 ratio when we are running at FULL capacity. That said, we know finding the best culinary school is more than ratios, it’s about getting the best education. Our freedom to put innovative ideas on the table without institutional interference will mean a personalized experience like no other.


Sometimes Small IS Bigger

Our model is simple: devote more educators, more attention, and more thought to a select few. Has it worked?Read student and chef reviews here.

Take away a wider range of skills and choices.

To become a chef today requires more than just getting your apron dirty. So we have built relationships with local artisans who can provide insight into their practices and how it relates to changing food sensibilities. We also investigate the wisdoms of ancient food practices as well as modernist techniques, and encourage our students to think – and step – outside the box.