Not All Students Have the Same Story.

Which is why we created a different school, one where instructors and learners interact as peers…in fact, the kind of school we would want to be taught in. We recognize that food values are changing. Shouldn’t your education reflect this change? And the story of our ingredients is receiving a different kind of attention. Shouldn’t your story deserve the same? At Northwest, learners are key ingredients in our MISSION STATEMENT.


We’ve Been Where You are Now.

And we know finding the best culinary school for you will impact everything. So no detail was overlooked when we created Northwest. Our curriculum reflects the region’s appetite for innovation and curiosity. Much like an independent chef-owned restaurant, we freely implement our ideas without corporate resistance. This means we can achieve for you what chefs strive to achieve for their patrons: a personalized experience like no other. Read student and chef testimonials here.

Take away a wider range of skills and choices.

To become a chef today requires more than getting your apron dirty. So we added a practical farm-to-table component to our curriculum. We investigate the wisdoms of ancient food practices as well as modernist techniques, and encourage our students to think – and step – outside the box.