…And Not All Learners Have the Same Story.

Which is why we created a different culinary school, one that values your whole story.  Our approach to kitchen education is ALL-ON — hands, brains, creativity, emotion, courage and where students and teachers learn, cook, create, taste, and evolve as peers (read Google and Facebook reviews). 

That means the best student-teacher ratio, anywhere!

Many schools boast of impressive student-teacher ratios— we decided to do better, much better. We offer an 8:1 ratio when we are running at FULL capacity. Our teaching philosophy is simple: give students the face-to-face time and education we would want ourselves. Sometimes, smaller is better!


Take away a wider range of skills and choices.

We believe that development of the artisan mindset is crucial to helping you find your own style in any kitchen, whether professional or amateur.  The best cooks are happy in their work, and deeply connected to their tools and ingredients. And the best kitchens —especially in a culinary school— are more like a studio, a place of ideas and discoveries, the kind of place you WANT to be in.