Omri Frenkel

I was born and raised in sunny Tel Aviv, Israel. I graduated professional culinary in spring 2005. After graduation I returned to Tel Aviv and started to work as a line cook in several leading restaurant in town. In late 2006 I opened with a partner a café-patisserie, Numa (no relation with the Copenhagen establishment Noma…). For two and a half years, we have served great food and pastries, all home made. Our home cured meats and salted fish were of the best in town. After a heroic struggle with the global recession, on March 2009, we decided to close doors.

At that year I went back to school to do my master’s degree, working as a part time cook and chef in a sushi bar, wine bar, gastropub and tapas bar.

In 2011 I started my PhD at McGill university, focusing on spice transplantation in the Spanish empire. My passion is still with food and I experiment with new food products and cooking styles, a habit that makes my wife and friends extremely happy.

My university profile can be found at:

NWCAV is not only a distant memory for me. I learned in Northwest to look at food in a different way, to be patient with handling products. I learned to work in a kitchen as an individual and as a part of a team. In Northwest I learned that there is no limit to what one can do in the kitchen if one knows how to prioritize and multitask.