The Artisan Series courses focus on specific topics and artisan skill-sets that typify the impressive hand work and imagination of chefs.  Designed to put you in creative mode—even designer mode—from knife to plate.  Artisan I focuses on everything plant; Artisan II focuses on everything meat.  Artisan III?  Yet to come —maybe everything wine, cheese, and artisanal bread?  Or chocolate?




Artisan I: Vegetables, Grains, Legumes + Healthy Cooking and Eating


The focus of this course is on the simple fact that the world of vegetables, grains, legumes, and greens offer more flavour combinations, colours, textures, and play than any other ingredient we can transform from cutting board to plate.  The key, of course, is knowing more about how to use them.  We will create plates in which these components are the “stars” and not just sides.  With each class you learn not only new take-away ideas, but how to personalize them.

Dates to be determined



ARTISAN II: Whole Meats – No Holds Barred

This is a rare opportunity to work with and breakdown exotic whole meats, and turn them into artisanal delicacies.  Literally, an opportunity that even some chefs would crave.  The course culminates with The Big Night— a complimentary five-course feast you will compose and execute with teammates, and serve at Northwest to your invited guests.

Spring 2018


To sign up for these courses you can contact Lena at 604-876-7653 or