The Artisan Series courses focus on specific topics and artisan skill-sets that typify the impressive hand work and imagination of chefs.  Designed to put you in creative mode—even designer mode—from knife to plate.  Artisan: Butchery focuses on everything meat.  



ARTISAN 6-Day BUTCHERY basics:  Whole Meats No Holds Barred

This is a rare opportunity to work with and breakdown whole meats, and turn them into artisanal delicacies.  Literally, an opportunity that even some chefs would crave.

May 2nd to 17th (Wednesday and Thursday nights)

$733.95 (taxes included)

We will be working with the following proteins:

  • duck,
  • pork,
  • salmon, and
  • a secret, yet to be determined, ingredient.
**All proteins subject to availability.**


Bring a +1 and you each receive 10% off. If you have taken a previous basics course with us receive 10% off. 


To sign up for these courses you can contact Lena at 604-876-7653 or