This is the ultimate program for those ready for a full-on professional-like comprehensive cooking education without the tuition, theory exams, and industry expectations of a professional course.  The big win? Level LEAGUES up! while being part of the most special camaraderie ever!  This programs attracts people of all ages, backgrounds, and desires, but most of all, people ready to do something important to cherish—and savour—forever! (read reviews).


Date: To Be Determined

Monday – Thursday, 9 am – 3 pm

$5,490 (includes taxes, two embroidered t-shirts, two aprons, recipe package, and one dozen towels)


Bring a +1 (or completed Basics I or II) and receive 10% off

You are  more than welcome to supply your own toolkit or purchase one from us. Our toolkit comes with the following:

Japanese chef’s knife
Japanese petty knife
Metal pastry scraper
Vegetable peeler
Kitchen scissors
Knife roll
Plating tweezers
Measuring spoon
4″ off-set spatula

$492.80 (tax included)


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This course is a condensed version of our professional culinary program.  We have extracted the most exciting “aha!” moments to move your understanding, appreciation, and skill-set as close as possible to what professionals rely on.  For instance, “mise en place” becomes a valued concept and strategy that the average home cook ignores.  This essential technique enables you to prepare a seven-course (yes, seven!) Big Night menu which you will create and execute with teammates and serve to family, friends, and guests.  Master Camp transcends the teaching of the basics and plating of sophisticated platings.  We work with your learning style to unlock your culinary instincts, knowledge, and desires, and in doing so, bring a deeper clarity and simplicity into your kitchen.  Week’s themes and inherent recipes are adjusted according to the inspiration of the five chefs’ who teach the course.  


WEEK 1: Fundamentals on the cutting board, from knife to choreography.

WEEK 2: Taking the knife to new horizons; how cooking works.

WEEK 3: Vegetables, grains, herbs,and spices;  Menu Development 1.

WEEK 4: Protein breakdown and perfect doneness; Menu Development 2.

WEEK 5: Italy and Middle Eastern influences; Menu Development 3.

WEEK 6: Asian and Latino influences; Menu Development 4.

WEEK 7: Menu creation, preparation, test kitchen, and The Big Night!


Reviews of the 7 – Week Master Camp

“The facilities are first class, the curriculum provides the students with incredible exposure to the art of cooking and the worldly knowledge of the chefs, their energy and dedication to making the daily experience “serious fun” simply incredible!  For me personally, Northwest has delivered it’s promise of changing one’s view of the culinary world making it accessible, challenging and very exciting.  The course has energized me to continue exploring, being creative and taking chances in the kitchen as well as honing some skills.”   — Ernie, Master Camp

“I loved the experience, realized right away how little I knew and know now how much more I need and want to learn.  The instructors have very different personalities and teaching styles. That provides for a lot of variety and keeps the days and weeks interesting. I also really appreciated that they always made themselves available to provide individual coaching during and also after the daily classes. And thank you for slowly leading us up to a seven-course menu development (The Big Night) over several weeks. Thank you so much for all your teaching and sharing! You are a fantastic group.”  — Carola, Master Camp

“Thank-you all for providing a memorable and incredible 7 week program. Since returning home to the Yukon I’ve incorporated many new techniques, recipes and ingredients into my cooking repertoire.  I liked absolutely everything. I appreciated the diversity of recipes, ingredients and techniques. I thought the curriculum was nicely layered to build upon developing skills and to demonstrate the planned usage of ingredients over time. The highlight of the program for me though, and I’d say your greatest strength as a school, is the quality of instruction you provided. As an adult educator myself, I really valued how all the chefs taught with so much patience, humour, passion and mastery of the subject area…which is pretty much as good as it gets in education. The personal stories (and rants), scientific explanations, historical references and sharing of food values really made the experience special and memorable. I also really appreciated that you all took the time to get to know us a little and to check-in with us throughout each week.”  — Polly, Master Camp

“I really did not know what to expect when I showed up but I do know that I enjoyed the people I met and I think the whole operation was run as professionally as anyone could expect when dealing with personalities.  As for the instruction, I don’t think it could have been any better when dealing with different levels of competence and commitment.  I enjoyed the whole experience and would highly recommend it (and have) to anyone that is interested in improving their culinary skills.”  — Rick, Master Camp