So the Big Question IS – Why do we exist and what makes our culinary school different?

We built Northwest to provide a different vision from the traditional model. As one of the very few chef-owned culinary schools in the world, we opted to shift to a much needed adult-oriented and collaborative educational model. Our freedom to innovative ideas on the table without institutional interference allows us to offer a cutting edge education. Today’s culinary school should not only be in the know, but in the now!

Our Mission Statement

  • To provide our learners with the most contemporary education, tools, teaching methods, and information;  the development of advantageous attitudes and attributes necessary to gain greater access to an evolving industry; and a life-long support group throughout the graduate’s trajectory.
  • To continuously upgrade teaching and administrative staff with the most updated tools, information, and support to continuously provide quality services to students and graduates.
  • To connect with industry peers in order to provide students and graduates with the most updated trends and innovations, as well as a wide network of potential employers.

Want to walk through the school?


  • give you a quality, diverse, and comprehensive education in less time and for less tuition
  • choreograph our space and time to help get the most out of your hands, mind, and instincts. We have no classrooms with desks.  Literally, we learn where we both cook/bake and eat.  Theory and demos happen simultaneously, and the day’s acts move seamlessly between dining/demo area and kitchen.  Almost no school applies such a learning theatre.
  • support your development. You don’t get one instructor per class, but many eyes and teaching styles to show you how it’s done.  And our student-teacher ratio of 8:1 is unmatched.
  • respond to your inquiries promptly, with straightforwardly honesty and no APPLY NOW! pressure.  You apply if and when you are ready.
  • eliminate over-administration and bureaucratic costs.  As soon as you enter Northwest, you are less than 15 feet from the kitchen.