the best cooking classes start and finish in our kitchens, not in rooms lined with desks.

We designed every inch of our school so teachers and students, like ingredients in a great dish, can bring out the best in each other. By applying a chef’s (not administrator’s) commitment to our space, time, and performances we get more out of every day – like no other culinary school.

Professional Diploma Programs

Our full-time diploma programs are designed to reflect the intensity and work ethic of a career in fine professional kitchens. But our real success is our freedom and constant desire to adapt our curriculum to changing times. It is also why we attract the brightest, well-informed, and open-minded learners. No matter what journey our graduates choose, our focus is preparing and supporting them for what awaits.


Note to International Students: Effective June 1, 2014, Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver is recognized by the Canadian Ministry of Advanced Education as a designated learning institution of the International Student Program (ISP).  This means that international students are eligible to apply for a study permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada upon acceptance to the program . Northwest’s designated learning institution (DLI) code is O19395299466. If you require more information, please e-mail our registrar Lena at Northwest (


Summer Camps for the Serious Foodie

This is a once in a lifetime culinary education to fully immerse yourself in a professional kitchen with chef instructors and be coached on the techniques and “ahah!” moments of making amazing food.  Train using the same ingredients, equipment, and learning the same core techniques as our professional program.  Way beyond any foodie course, this experience will return you to your (or any) kitchen thinking and moving more like a chef.

Classes For The Enthusiast

Our kitchens are brilliantly designed for teaching the home cook. We specialize in hands-on classes, whether it’s our popular 8-Day Basics Course, a Private Booking/Team Building class, or specialty themed classes.