This program is designed for those students who desire a well-rounded set of skills in pursuing their craft and career.

The 1-Year Combined Professional Diploma Program includes the 15-Week Professional Culinary Arts Diploma Program + the 15-Week Professional Bread & Pastry Arts Diploma Program + followed by a 480 hour practicum. Some of the best culinary chefs have excellent pastry skills, and vice versa. If you are considering the 1-Year Program but are uncertain whether it is the best choice for you, we are more than happy to consult with (and not pressure) you. See more information about:

Monday to Friday

Next start dates:
September 4, 2017
January 8, 2018
April 30, 2018
September 3, 2018

Note: Only for the April 30th intake, there will be AM and PM pastry classes. When applying for the April session, please indicate which class you prefer. 

AM Class: 8am to 3pm
PM Class: 4pm to 11pm

$21,900 for Canadian residents/United States citizens
$25,900 for International residents

Uniform Cost: $448.00

Culinary: $895.00  (Pastry Supplement: $115.00)
Pastry: $925.00 (Culinary Supplement: $145.00)

Culinary (recommended):

$45.00 ( Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg – The Flavour Bible)
$65.00 (Kenji Lopez-Alt – The Food Lab)

Food Safe*:  $100.00 (tax included)

*Note: Toolkit, Textbook, and Food Safe may be supplied by the student or purchased from the school. Prices subject to change without notice. 

Note to International Students: Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver is recognized by the Canadian Ministry of Advanced Education as a designated learning institution of the International Student Program (ISP).  This means that international students are eligible to apply for a study permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada upon acceptance to the program . Northwest’s designated learning institution (DLI) code is O19395299466. If you require more information, please e-mail our registrar Lena at Northwest (


Additional Note: If you want to begin the one-year program in May term, you will need to start with the Pastry and Bread-making Program and then move on to the Culinary Arts Program in the September term. 

About the Practicum:

The practicum is an optional unpaid industry work experience program under the mentorship of industry chefs with whom we have a direct relationship. All 480 hours qualify as Red Seal hours. While in school, students are encouraged to network in various professional kitchens around the city (see list of our contacts), after school or on weekends. This is referred to as a stage, the French term for volunteering one’s time in exchange for valuable experience and knowledge. All accomplished chefs in the world have done many stages throughout their development – the very fine chefs do them even AFTER they are accomplished. When the time comes to decide one’s practicum, we sit down and discuss the best option.