New York State of Mind – Part 2

A few days after our visit to Root and Bone, my wife and I had the pleasure of a “date day”…the first time we had been truly alone together since the birth of our oldest daughter three years ago. We started with a lunch at Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Building then healthy walk in Central Park, and then back home for a nap.

Refreshed after my thirty minute snooze I jumped on Four Square, looking for a place to eat and up popped Prune!!  And it was only two blocks away. The school had recently purchased their book and I had been reading through it prior to my trip. And now there it was,  just down the street. I could almost see the purple awning from my room.


I called and they had room for two people at the bar!!! Jenn and I got dressed and headed down. The dining room was smaller than I had imagined with seating for about two dozen patrons. We sat at the bar and were greeted by the bartender, who would be serving us.

We went with Roasted Cauliflower with Brown Butter and Capers, Asparagus Peel, Steamed and Drenched in Olive Oil and Grilled Ribeye with Parsley-Shallot Butter


For dessert we were wanting to try it all, our server went to chat with the kitchen. Chef Ashley who we’d been chatting with the entire night, smiled and sent us everything on the menu.


To boot she came out to say goodbye and told me “your special”……she reached into the prawn tub and gave me a dried chicken wish bone……she also showed me a quails wish bone, but added….”not that special” 🙂


We left happier than I can say and would encourage anyone else who visits New York to dine there. And more importantly, it will allow us to pass along these experiences to our students.