I. Love. Beets.

I love them! Delicious and nutritious! It’s low in calories and fat, high in vitamins and anti-oxidants; some consider it one of the world’s healthiest food! And it’s low in histamines! YAY! Despite my undying love for beets, I have never been able to cook them well. They’re always hard. No matter how long I boil them, or how long I roast them, they’re always hard! Even if I boil them first and then roast it, it’s still hard! So I resorted to only eating beets when I go out (which is pretty much never now) or when someone else makes them for me. Well, no more!! I will master the art of cooking beets so I can have it more often! Nice thing for me is that I work at a culinary school! So knowledge is at my fingertips! I recruited Chef Curtis and he showed me the ways of making good beets.


Let the cooking lesson begin! (terrible picture of me, but that’s okay. This is EDUCATION!)


Place beets in a pot of COLD water. This was my first mistake! I always boiled the water first and then put the beets in. This is a big no-no! Also, notice that the skin is still on the beets. This helps the beets retain colour and doesn’t make as big of a mess. My second mistake was that I peeled them first and everything in my kitchen turned beet red!


You are supposed to also salt the water and put vinegar in it. As those are all high histamine items and I can’t have it, we just used plain ol’ H2O

Bring to boil


Then let it simmer. For how long you ask? UNTIL IT’S DONE!


First test. The knife barely inserted into the beet. Needs more time.


Second test. Knife easily went into the beet. Much better!


Let beets cool and peel. As I am impatient and very hungry when we did this, I ran the beets under cold water. The skin easily comes off in your hands.


Dressed with olive oil and honey. Two things I can have. You can either eat them like this or you can pop it into the oven for a sweeter flavour.


Into the oven it goes! For how long you ask? UNTIL IT’S DONE! Hmmm… Sensing a theme here…


Waiting… Waiting…


And out comes delicious, delicious beets! Not too hard. Not too soft. Cooked just right.